NEV is a unique business platform consisting of experienced consultants all adding extensive knowledge from various industries into NEV Group.
All together we have genuine experience in areas such as mining, construction, civil engineering, oil, gas and energy sector.

We also work close with financial institutions, international banks and legal firms thus we add valuable knowledge in legal and financial matters. We undertake pre-feasibilty studies, manage and follow up the process and assist you in exploring your opportunities in emerging markets.  

We are also able to assist foreign companies/investors to evaluate and add valuable knowledge in potential  investment projects in Nordic countries, by adding a strong presence and unique business network is the best way to present our team. Professional and a flexible management team with strong knowledge from various industries

The team is acts globally with coverage in a number of countries such as Sweden, USA, Germany, UK, China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Rep and Mongolia.