Northeast Ventures ( NEVAB ) is a professional business platform made up by experienced entrepreneurs and company owners, we have been actively cooperating as partners since 2005.

Our management team have all been representing multinational companies worldwide for many years,  thus adding long experience how to do business, setting up sales and aftermarket operations, new companies,  minimize cost, this all provide us with stable set up to find cost effective and safe way to support companies when setting up new business, we are able to do that  working close with our local established sales team, distributors and agents in the countries.

We have a particular knowledge and experience from mining, construction, oil, gas and process industry.

We focus on building up and securing business from a extensive network of distributors, and as such your company will save money instead of building your own organisations in these countries.

NEVAB is not waiting for any business opportunities, we are creating the business opportunities for your company !