NEVAB Solutions consist of 4 major Business Areas.

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Industrial

The company was established by a number of entrepreneurs and specialists globally.

We have been actively cooperating as partners since 2005.

Our management team have been representing multinational companies worldwide for more the 30 years,  thus each and everyone adding long experience how set up business, establish new sales and set up aftermarket and service operations.

Opportunities in Emerging Markets !
Are you still thinking should I consider to be on the CIS market or not ?

You will find there is never the right timing for such decision.

Its like the stock market, if you wait too long, you will always regret, however you never manage to get into at the bottom and out at the top.

Some arguments why it makes sense to be building your business in this region.

There are close to 350-300 million consumers looking for your products and services and there is qualified, competent, large and active workforce from Russia to Uzbekistan that is looking for new challanging position and ready to develop themsleves.

Moreover, the local currencies of most of CIS countries have devalued quite
significantly over the last years which means that your investment in foreign
currency will be significantly cheaper.

Finally, there is some stability, for ex if you look at inflation in Russia, it has come
down to below 5-6 % and the country now has one of the lowest government debts in
the world. On the other hand things are significantly changing to the better
in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan has been a growth driver among the Central Asian republics

Even several of our clients in Ukraine and Belarus have started to show growth figures.

So if you are looking to set up your business, find a distributor or just want
to learn more about the employment market in countries like Ukraine, Russia,
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or any other country in remaining parts of the CIS
countries just let us know and we discuss the opportunities more in details.

In summary we bring customers to your company.

Contact us on: info@northeast-ventures.com

”For effective synergies between companies, products, markets and customers ”